Terms and conditions

1. A booking deposit of 25% of the total booking cost will be paid at the time of booking.

2. The balance of the booking cost will be taken using the same payment method 60 days before the Charter start date. If the booking is within 60 days of the charter commencing, then the full amount is to be paid at the time of booking.

3. In the event of cancellation by the charterer written notice must be received by us no later than sixty days before the charter start date otherwise the balance of the charter fee remains payable.

4. Charterers must satisfy themselves that they and other members of the charter party are physically and mentally able to meet the demands of being on a small yacht at sea.

5. The yacht is comprehensively equipped with all safety equipment specified by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. If the party includes children for whom adult life jackets are too large it is essential that age of children is given on the booking form in order that correct lifejackets will be onboard.

6. Waterproof sailing gear and boots are available to hire, however correct size and availability can only be guaranteed if clothing hire is selected at the time of booking . All members of the charter party should in addition to waterproof sailing boots have available non slip deck shoes. This is a safety requirement and also protects the yachts surfaces from damage.

7. In advance of going to sea the charterer will complete and make available to the skipper a full crew list with age , emergency contacts and disclosure of any medical conditions relevant to the safety of the individual or others on board.

8. The charterer and all members of the group are deemed to understand and accept that sailing is an adventure sport with inherent risks.

9. The charterer and all members of the charter party are strongly advised to have in place appropriate travel and other insurance cover to include risks of cancellation, loss or damage of personal property, cover for personal injury or death and third party cover.

10. With regard to safety and risk assessment the Charterer and all aboard will abide by decisions made by the skipper in accordance with good practice on a sea going vessel.

11. The yacht is insured against accidents and third party liabilities. No liability is accepted for personal accidents, damage or losses due to negligence of members of the charter party.

12. Damage to the yacht or her equipment due to carelessness by any member of the charter party will be charged at replacement price to the charterer.

13. Monro Marine Services will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage resulting from events considered normal risks of sailing.

14. Monro Marine Services will endeavor to have the yacht available on time and in good condition and with all gear and equipment compliant with MCA regulations.

15. If for any reason it is not possible for the yacht to be available on time and in seaworthy condition a refund will be made pro-rata for every 12 hour period of delay. If such a delay extends to 48 hours or the yacht cannot be made ready for sea at all the Charterer will have the right to terminate the agreement and receive a return of the charter fee.

16. If during the charter the Charterer is prevented from using the yacht through reason of breakdown of machinery or gear or damage to the yacht which is not due wholly or in part to the Charterer or any member of the Charter party`s negligence, act or omission then a pro rata return of the charter fee may be paid to the Charterer for any period that the yacht is unfit for use. Engine failure or failure of electronic navigation aids are not considered to make the yacht unfit for use under the terms of this agreement.

17. In the event of termination of the charter agreement by whichever party resulting from such delay or non availability of the yacht there will be no further liability due from the Charterer to Monro Marine Services or Monro Marine Services to the Charterer.

18. The charter contract is subject to the law of Scotland and unresolved disputes will be determined by the Scottish Courts. Monro Marine Services may not be sued in the courts of any other country than Scotland.

19. Monro Marine Services will seek to resolve all disputes amicably and where it judges this to be appropriate and at its discretion through referral of the matter to the Association of Scottish Yacht Charterers or other party chosen by Monro Marine Services for independent determination. In this event all correspondence relating to the dispute will be lodged with the dispute committee of the Association of Scottish Yacht Charterers or other independent party.